Hunt for car insurance….

Friday 23rd 3.01pm So, car insurance, yeah… where do I start?!  Quick google search seemed to bring up worldwide car HIRE insurance so I figured that wasn’t right.  I decided to give an insurer a ring. I decided on Axa as I’d spoken to them in the past and as they were big I thought there’d be a good chance of them selling it.  Unfortunately no, they said they can provide European cover for 90 days but that was it.  They also mentioned Green cards (what?!?!  Note to self – research green cards!!)  Then they told me to google it… Great, thanks for that lol!!

Saturday 11pm  On my second google I came across this article which although didn’t answer my question it did throw up some questions I hadn’t thought of so will now add to my list of things to research and do.  So the newly added items are

1)     First aid training

2)     Get an international driving licence

3)     Find out about car registration for countries outside of Europe

4)     Get carnet de passage (if you’re applying for one from the UK you need to go here 

11.15pm   So I’m googling, googling, googling and I’m not sure this is the best way of getting round the world… most people seem to recommend local transport…some bloggers were convinced they were going to die driving in some international destinations…that definitely isn’t in my plan!!!  Still can’t easily find out how we’re going to insure the car!  Argh!!  Can anyone help??  Tell me where to look???  Will keep looking…

11.21pm – Have just discovered if we want to drive in China we’ll need a Chinese drivers license!!

11.23pm – Think we’re going to need to get a portable breathalyser… and reflective jacket, a hazard triangle, headlamp converters, a first aid kit – and to we’ll need display a GB sticker… getting all this info from

11.31pm You can’t drive a dirty car in Moscow?!!?  Random!  Yeah, that’s something that might get us in trouble, we’re not really known for having an immaculate car!!!

11.35pm ooooh!  Found a useful article! tells me that to get an international drivers licence it will cost £5.50 from the Post Office, AA or RAC…wonder how long they last???

11.37pm Found a website that explains Green Cards!!

11.39pm  Too tired to keep looking but will carry on as soon as I can!!





So apart from car insurance (lol!) we just have lots and lots of questions…what route should we take? How will we travel? What do we do about the children’s’ education?  How do we manage our youngests condition without easy access to the NHS?  How are we going to fund it?  What happens to the house?  What will we do when we come back?  What would we do if we broke down in the middle of nowhere?  There will be more and more questions that come up along the way which we will share with you as we tackle them and just hope that none of them are going to be things that stop us from achieving this!! 

So!  So far we’re just scouring blogs, trying to find out what other people are doing and whether we can re-create it in our own kinda way x  Tbh lots of them that we have found are either solo travellers or rich families.  Of which we’re neither so we’re still searching!!  Let us know in the comments if you know of a blog we should be keeping an eye on!

We did find on one blog about WWOOF ( Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farms.  This can be a way of getting round the globe and keeping your costs down.  I signed up to this on Monday.  I’m going to see if me and the boys can volunteer relatively close to home at some point over the summer holidays so that we can get a feel as to what we would be doing if we volunteered abroad.  You pay either £20 for a single membership or £30 for a joint.  We’ve gone for a joint membership so that we can both volunteer at some point.  There does seem to be other volunteering opportunities available too so I need to look into those but for now I’ll concentrate on this.  I’ve now contacted 11 farms within a 2 hour drive to see if any of them are prepared to let one adult with 4 children volunteer on their farm…I’ve already had 2 no’s!!  To be honest I can see why we wouldn’t be an appealing prospect, just got to find someone who’s willing to take a chance!!  Maybe later on in the year my husband can volunteer too and then we might seem like a better option! 

 Oh my life!!  Can you believe it!!  As I’ve been typing this and searching for motor maintenance courses I’ve had a reply from a farm and she thinks we may be able to help her!!  EEK!!!  How exciting!!  Will keep you posted!

 At the moment, we think we’re going to drive ourselves round as opposed to hiring a car or getting local transport but again, this may change.  As I briefly mentioned above I’m going to see if I can sort some kind of vehicle maintenance course so that I can at the very least change a tyre!!  A man has replied to say he could show me the basics of classic maintenance which would be fantastic as we have a beat up old MGB, she’s 45 years old and has no interior but I love her!!  Will see how this progresses!

 I have also had a brief chat with our sons Teacher of the Deaf, she thinks we could possibly be issued with a spare set of hearing aids and a years supply of batteries for our adventures.  We obviously will look into this properly but at least the seed has been planted!

 Today I have also started to look at home-schooling groups to see if I can get any information on these and the best way to tend to the children’s educational needs.  Now I’ll have a look at that car insurance….

 Blimey!  It’s good job we have about 1124 days to plan all this!

This is it…

I have loads of stuff I need to do today but I’m doing this, because if I want this to work then I’m going to have to spend some real time planning to make sure it actually happens.  When I say “it”, I mean me and my family upping and travelling the world.  Leaving all this behind and almost becoming nomads I suppose.  Follow us on our journey to see if we can bring this idea to fruition.
I have no idea if it will work, we’ll just have to see, and if it doesn’t then maybe this blog can help other families see where we went wrong and learn from our mistakes.

There’s lots and lots of reasons why this won’t work.  The first one being money.  We have none.  No savings, no equity in the house and we’re a one income family.  To four boys… so yeah, seems impossible right?  I’m hoping not but we will see.

So here is a whistle-stop tour of my life and how has all this come about.

I was always fairly certain from around the age of about 9 that this was something I wanted to do.  Different experiences compounded that belief for me but I had the same issue back then as I do now; lack of money.  As a young adult I thought that a great way of trying to do this would be to join the military.  It wasn’t a good idea and even though I had some really great times and made some life-long friends I spent the majority of the 7.5 years I was in trying to find a way to get the hell out!!!  Even still it is something I would recommend for a short period of time, maybe 3 or 4 years, but I digress.

I still vividly remember sitting in front of a world map with my cousin and planning my route around the world.  We were going to do it together, except then I had my crazy military idea and she got herself a boyfriend, who she subsequently married and had a child with and has also now divorced.

Plan was going well and I managed to visit many places while I was in the military.  These were short holidays though rather than actual travelling as such.  I visited Cyprus, Spain, Tunisia, Andorra, Thailand, Paris and many parts of the UK.  Then I got pregnant…. unplanned but much wanted, I was 22.   Things didn’t work out with the father of my eldest and became a single parent.  He was a good man but we weren’t right for each other.  By the time my eldest was 4 I had met and was engaged to the man I married… and had a further THREE children with… yeah… in for a penny, in for a pound and all that.  Life was, and still is, tough.  We have 4 boys, all typical in nature and behaviour so I’m sure you can appreciate what day to day life is about.  On the whole we find imposing our chaos onto normal society doesn’t have the best results for anyone really so we try and keep ourselves to ourselves.  We’ve kind of blindly gotten through the last 9 years in a foggy blur of sleepless nights, nappies, playgroups and nursery rhymes.  My dreams were put aside for now as I tried to keep a grasp of my sanity.  Tried to embrace the life I now had.

So anyway, we’re tootling along down the path we think is best suited to us.  We consider a Steiner education for our middle 2 boys as we think it’s the best way for them.  We attended the playgroup from when they were very small and they had a place to start in September 2014.  Great!  Everything is going as planned and we’re all happy 🙂  Except then on 13th August 2014 our youngest dramatically fails a hearing test.  He is diagnosed as being deaf.  My whole world crumbled there and then in that room.  I was devastated, broken, everything had been torn apart.  I’d entered the room with a healthy baby and left with a disabled one.  We found out he had been born deaf but the diagnosis didn’t come until he was 15 months old.

All our focus now had to change on how we managed with a deaf child, who also happened to be the first deaf person we’d ever met.  I threw myself into it, tried to find out as much as we could about the culture, started to learn sign language (we’re still having those lessons).  2 years in and things started to settle. We tried to find our way back to Steiner education but finances no longer meant we could access it and the bursary they offered us wasn’t enough.  My boys were stuck in an inner city mainstream school which was something I’d never intended for and never felt settled within.

In the half term school holidays of May 2017 I went on a holiday to Cornwall and came back literally questioning my entire life.  I could barely talk for 2 days.  Seriously, I felt that bad.  I’d returned home on the Friday then on the evening of the Sunday I sat down with my husband and told him I just couldn’t do this any more.  I feel like I’m just dying on the inside.  This wasn’t how it was meant to be.  What the hell were we doing?  It feels like we’re running on a hamster wheel, going nowhere and not even enjoying or believing in what we were doing.  The life we have really suits some people but it really isn’t for me.  For us.  For our family.  I’ve had this conversation many times with my husband but he’s never been sure except this time he agreed!  He could see what was happening, how we were both feeling and he finally agreed to make this work.  So now we’ve got to make it work.  We’re not sure how.  Not a clue.  What we’ve done so far is decided on a date.  July 2020.  Around 3 years from now.  It should give us enough time to plan properly and save.  We’re just not in a position to get up and go.  So please do follow us, send us your tips, wish us luck in our adventure, maybe try it yourself!  Looking forward to sharing this journey with you.