So apart from car insurance (lol!) we just have lots and lots of questions…what route should we take? How will we travel? What do we do about the children’s’ education?  How do we manage our youngests condition without easy access to the NHS?  How are we going to fund it?  What happens to the house?  What will we do when we come back?  What would we do if we broke down in the middle of nowhere?  There will be more and more questions that come up along the way which we will share with you as we tackle them and just hope that none of them are going to be things that stop us from achieving this!! 

So!  So far we’re just scouring blogs, trying to find out what other people are doing and whether we can re-create it in our own kinda way x  Tbh lots of them that we have found are either solo travellers or rich families.  Of which we’re neither so we’re still searching!!  Let us know in the comments if you know of a blog we should be keeping an eye on!

We did find on one blog about WWOOF ( Worldwide Opportunities On Organic Farms.  This can be a way of getting round the globe and keeping your costs down.  I signed up to this on Monday.  I’m going to see if me and the boys can volunteer relatively close to home at some point over the summer holidays so that we can get a feel as to what we would be doing if we volunteered abroad.  You pay either £20 for a single membership or £30 for a joint.  We’ve gone for a joint membership so that we can both volunteer at some point.  There does seem to be other volunteering opportunities available too so I need to look into those but for now I’ll concentrate on this.  I’ve now contacted 11 farms within a 2 hour drive to see if any of them are prepared to let one adult with 4 children volunteer on their farm…I’ve already had 2 no’s!!  To be honest I can see why we wouldn’t be an appealing prospect, just got to find someone who’s willing to take a chance!!  Maybe later on in the year my husband can volunteer too and then we might seem like a better option! 

 Oh my life!!  Can you believe it!!  As I’ve been typing this and searching for motor maintenance courses I’ve had a reply from a farm and she thinks we may be able to help her!!  EEK!!!  How exciting!!  Will keep you posted!

 At the moment, we think we’re going to drive ourselves round as opposed to hiring a car or getting local transport but again, this may change.  As I briefly mentioned above I’m going to see if I can sort some kind of vehicle maintenance course so that I can at the very least change a tyre!!  A man has replied to say he could show me the basics of classic maintenance which would be fantastic as we have a beat up old MGB, she’s 45 years old and has no interior but I love her!!  Will see how this progresses!

 I have also had a brief chat with our sons Teacher of the Deaf, she thinks we could possibly be issued with a spare set of hearing aids and a years supply of batteries for our adventures.  We obviously will look into this properly but at least the seed has been planted!

 Today I have also started to look at home-schooling groups to see if I can get any information on these and the best way to tend to the children’s educational needs.  Now I’ll have a look at that car insurance….

 Blimey!  It’s good job we have about 1124 days to plan all this!